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Our high quality Soluble Coffee (Freeze-dried) has been created and conceived by our laboratory experts. With their field experience of over 40, they have designed a unique soluble coffee of its kind. Our soluble coffee is the IDEAL BASE for industrial and artisanal productions that require coffee as an ingredient.

Thanks to an excellent raw material, imported directly from our Colombian subsidiary, we are able to offer a high-quality product. The product is characterized first by an utmost yield during processing 15g per 1 liter of drink, and secondly by an intense aroma no virgola which returns all the typical taste sensations of Espresso coffee!

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Certified organic products
Also available

In addition to Colombian instant coffee, we import from several other countries of origin

Ecuador, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brasile​ and Mexico

For companies, platforms, wholesalers and distributors

we are able to offer:

100% Arabica pure coffee

Instant soluble coffee produced and sourced from our Colombian subsidiary.

100% pure coffee

The BEST RAW MATERIAL to be used in the industrial production of ice cream, pastry and confectionery products. Industrial productions.

Industrial productions

It was born as an instant instant coffee
WITH A VERY HIGH YIELD during processing.

Uniquely recognized quality
Like all our products, it has a unique quality recognized both on the national and international market.
Different types

Instant soluble powder available (spray dried, agglomerated and lyophilized).

Soluble coffees come from:

Colombia, Brasile, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Ecuador and Mexico.


The liquid coffee concentrate is nebulized in a channel with very hot air (250 ° C), and subsequently dried in a cylindrical tower.

Resulting coffee droplets dry into a fine or agglomerated powder which, once dissolved in water, creates a creamier drink than the result of other production processes.


Freeze-dried - instant coffee
The liquid coffee concentrate is frozen and broken into grains through various sub-processes: first, at -7 ° C, it takes on the consistency of a slush; subsequently, it is frozen at -40 ° C to become a real slab of coffee. This slab is finally broken into grains. These grains undergo a drying process in a chamber where the vacuum is recreated. The water contained in the granules can thus evaporate at low temperatures, leaving them dried.


Once the ground coffee is obtained, a further step is essential to obtain agglomeration. This involves 1) the powder humidification, 2) a post-drying process and 3) cooling. Humidity control is achieved through water and / or saturated steam. The agglomerate is then dried and cooled thanks to a fluidized bed, followed by sieving and packaging.


Soluble coffee

Our flagship is the
Colombian instant coffee

Produzione di caffè solubile CoffeeIT

Flavored coffee

Wide range of flavours
even completely natural

Produzione di caffè aromatizzati in Italia, Import export caffè in tutto il mondo

Gourmet coffee

The fine line of coffee for
class rooms

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