Producing coffee is work, but producing quality coffee requires passion and experience. Every day, since 1940, Coffee’IT has been committed to giving life to a Unique Espresso, harmony of the senses from the raw material to the tasting in the cup.

The experience that makes the difference


The long tradition gives to our products an additional value.


Coffee’IT’s products are specifically intended for a high quality standard market.


Our raw materials used by Coffee’IT
are carefully selected.


At Coffee’IT, we carry out
our work with dedication.

Producing coffee is a job, but producing quality coffee needs passion and know-how. Every day, since 1940, Coffee’IT works hard to give life to a Unique Espresso, harmony of the senses from the raw material to the cup tasting.

Our coffee comes from an experience gained over the years, from a constant pursuit of excellence and a tradition that has allowed us to improve the manufacturing process gradually. From the raw materials selection to the packaging: everything is handled and followed with the aim of giving the Customer the greatest pleasure.

Our production of traditional coffees includes the fine blends belonging to the Gourmet Line and the high quality ones belonging to the Commercial Line. Coffee can be delivered in beans, ground, in compatible capsules and pods. We are able to satisfy any kind of customer, including HO.RE.CA. and PRIVATE LABEL.

In addition to our classic coffee range, we also produce flavored and instant coffees, soluble products, teas and herbal teas. A varied, complete and safe commercial offer, certified by our Management Quality System according to the ISO rule 22000:2005 and having its roots way back in 1940.


Coffee’IT imports green coffee and produces high quality blends achieving success not only on the Italian market, but also on the international one, working with 18 Countries all over the world. Our production has been innovated through the years, thanks to the experience gained in every processing stage. Constant updating and market development have brought us to diversify our proposal.

In addition to the classic coffee, available in different formats, we produce coffees flavored with an exclusive procedure, consisting of a personalized and peculiar spray-drying system. Synonymous of modernity and innovation are also our instant coffees, our soluble products, compatible capsules, pods and tea/herbal tea lines, which constitute an alternative to coffee. Coffee’IT innovates while strengthening tradition and embracing the future in a responsible way, as it is granted by the ISO rule 22000:2005: an important requisite that shows the Company’s commitment towards food safety, in full respect of the requirements claimed by Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Balance.

Innovazione caffè CoffeeIT


Our coffee arrives in Italy through the direct import of the raw materials from their Countries of origin: the Arabica blend (coffea arabica) mainly comes from Countries belonging to the Central American area, while most of the Robusta coffee (coffea canephora) flies here directly from India. Thanks to the long experience that distinguishes us, we can create any blend starting from scratch, according to your precise needs.

We flavor our coffee using a personalized spray-drying system that unleashes a penetrating and enveloping taste from every essence. Our enthusiasm has allowed us to be competitive on the market, offering different quality products: from coffee in its various formats to soluble products, up to teas and herbal teas. None of this can be improvised; on the contrary, it is the outcome of a knowledge gained over years of constant perseverance: Coffee’IT, Italian Espresso!

Thanks to the high quality of our products,

we have also conquered

the international market.

Soluble coffee

Our flagship is the
Colombian instant coffee

Produzione di caffè solubile CoffeeIT

Flavored coffee

Wide range of flavours
even completely natural

Produzione di caffè aromatizzati in Italia, Import export caffè in tutto il mondo

Gourmet coffee

The fine line of coffee for
class rooms

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