The fine line of coffees


Coffee’s Gourmet Coffee Line is aimed at classy clubs, restaurants and shops where Espresso is enjoyed by connoisseurs. It is a fine, high-quality line, in which all the passion and experience of
Coffee’IT shines through in giving life to a Unique Espresso, Harmony of Senses from Raw Material to Tasting in the Cup.

A choice of fine and varied blends

high quality

100% arabica

Picasso blend

Precious blend of the best Central American coffees, which determines a full, sweet and soft taste.
Estimation: inviting, soft and balanced.

90% arabica

Van Gogh blend

After years of study and professionalism, and from the blend of the finest coffee qualities in the world, the pleasure of classic Italian espresso comes to light, unmistakable in its aroma and delicate, sweet and intense taste, designed exclusively for the bar line.
Estimation: good body, delicate aroma, for sophisticated palates, with a refined taste.

80% arabica

Monet blend

Blend of coffees from Central and South America, of the best quality, prepared with great care and attention to get the best Italian espresso in the cup.
Estimation: soft, delicate and persistent taste, with strong aromatic notes. Good creaminess.

70% arabica

Dalì blend

Precious blend composed of the most accurately selected coffees from Central America, specially developed for HO.RE.CA.
Estimation: homogeneous, full, full-bodied and persistent taste. Good creaminess.


For the personalized line, minimum order: 3 pallets

Soluble coffee

Our flagship is the
Colombian instant coffee

Produzione di caffè solubile CoffeeIT

Flavored coffee

Wide range of flavours
even completely natural

Produzione di caffè aromatizzati in Italia, Import export caffè in tutto il mondo

Gourmet coffee

The fine line of coffee for
class rooms

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